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hurry spring
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Light Winter

Well so far this season we have  had very little snow. Baby  chicks will  be  arriving  late  will  a lot   of   the  lettuce  crops. We  hope  to  see  a   increase  in   bussiness  this  year  as  the  economy   is  rising  to   educate the  public  the  importance  of   eating fresh and   buying   local 

Winter's finally here

Well we finally got snow 6in total yesterday all the kids enjoying it both 2legged and the four. Let the goats out to play a little kidding season under way and csa memberships coming in should be a good year.Starting some greens in the house and my son is working on his 4-H indoor garden projects. Love the snow but now looking towards Spring.

Great start to season

Well first I like to thank Local Harvest for the bussiness our farm has recieved off your site! Everything is growing good and the CSA shares have started and customers are satisfied. The greenhouse is winding down but veggies and strawberries are just starting.

update to spring

well spring is suppose to be right around the corner today doesn't feel like it here in N.Y.. We've got some onoins started and seeds on order, got to wait for the major winds to die down to HOPEFULLY plastic the greenhouse next week.We plan on having a open house sometime in April.

hurry spring

Here at the MacIntosh farm we are eagerly awaiting springtime,2008 was a busy year we had a baby girl in august after having two boys its a change .Hoping for a good crop year. As the warm weather approaches I hope to replastic the greenhouse and start planting.We just got some new piglets in and they're having a ball with the kids. well that's whats new on the farm . 
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