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Herbal Bath Bags, Clothespin Crafts, Pamper Yourself Herb Recipe's and more!

The gardens are bursting with blooms and scents that make a person's senses start leaping... the spicy smell of the rose... the peonies simply radiate with beauty as their big pom-pom flowers sway too and fro on the breeze... weeding amongst the basil's, thyme's, sage's and fennel's just tantalize the olfactory senses to a majestic height... Gardening is a gift and no one can convince me otherwise!  Right now we have lots of herbs that are producing prolifically and it can be difficult to get all these yummies put in the pot, shall we say.  Don't despair, you have more options with herbs than just eating them~ although that is my personal first choice! There are lots of folks out there that enjoy herbs in personal care products even more than on the menu. I am going to focus on this area of herbs for the next while to switch things up a bit.  Enjoy the sunshine and smile big... summer's just around the corner! 

Herbal Bath Bags are easy to make and make a great gift as well.  Herbal baths have many purposeful uses including making your shower or bath extra special, relax and calm you after a hard day of work; revive and stimulate you; ease aching muscles and help with tired circulation, to name just a few.  Here are a few tips on how to lap up the luxury of an herbal bath.  First take a nice hot shower and wash up thoroughly rinsing all the days work away.  Hang your herbal bath bag under the faucet as the water is filling up the tub with nice warm water.  Climb in and relax with some soft music.
*How to make a Bath Bag~
~Take muslin or cheesecloth bags and fill them with 1 cup of your choice of herbs.  Close tightly with ribbon or string; leave enough string so you can hang the bag from the faucet.  The warm water running over the herbs with release the scents of the herbs.  TIP: Add 1 Tbsp. of oatmeal to the bag; this will soften the water and sooth your skin!
Here are some herbal bath bag ideas:
*Lemon Balm... is said to help your mind and heart to become merry.
*Roses... are believed to help sooth both physically and emotionally.
*Rosemary... was used by the Romans to relieve tired limbs after a long day.
*Lavender... is believed to have a very calming effect.
...You can air dry the bath bags and reuse up to three times.  You can also steep the bath bags in about 2 cups of water in a non metal pan for about 15 minutes and add the water to your bath water. Try any of your favorite herbs and see how it goes!

have more than just 'hang me on the line' use! We use them at market to clip our price cards onto our baskets- really nifty!  Here are a couple cute other ideas to make this simple tool work for you!
*Clothespin Magnets~ simply purchase a roll of self sticking magnetic tape and cut a piece to size and stick on one side of pin.
~ If you want to be really creative, purchase a pack of wooden pins and paint them whatever color you want!  Use the left over paint from when you painted your kitchen and then they will even match.
~Write words on them~ you can write each family member's name on one and then if you have a note to that person, just clip it on their pin and they will see it quickly.
~Write 'action' or 'to-do' titles on them, such as, 'mail me', 'grocery list', or 'do today'.
~If you like to put photo's on the fridge write words like 'love' or 'best friend' on them.
~You can also purchase colored plastic ones.

Herbal Personal Care Recipes

Hair Rinse...
*For Light colored hair use 1 part strong chamomile tea and 4 parts water.
*For Dark hair use 1 part strong rosemary ta and 4 parts water.
Pour over washed hair, catching water and repeating until rinse is used up.

Dusting Powder...
is super easy to make! To make simply use~
*4 parts cornstarch- non-gmo/ organic.
*1 part dried herbs or flowers of you choice, finely ground.  Use a food processor to grind.
Some ideas are:
*1 Tbsp. each Lavender and lemon balm
*1 Tbsp. each Lavender and mint
*2 Tbsp. each Rosemary, thyme and  8 fresh mint leaves
*Rose petals alone
*lavender alone
*1 Tbsp. Orange and Lemon peel
*1 Tbsp. rose petals and mint.
... be creative and try some new combo's on your own.

Fresh Basil Dressing

1/2 cup wine vinegar
1 1/4 tsp. sugar
salt & pepper
1 cup olive oil
6 Tbsp. fresh basil leaves, minced
Bottle and don't refrigerate.  Excellent on fresh garden tomatoes or tossed salad.

Rose Petal Honey

1/4 cup fragrant rose petals- chemical free!
1 cup wildflower honey, or regular
1. Carefully wash rose petals and let dry.  Place them in an 8 oz. jelly jar.
2. Gently heat honey until warm; pour over the rose petals; seal jars.
3. Carefully and gently shake jar to distribute the rose petals; keep in a cool, dark place fro at least 48 hours to give the petals time to permeate the honey.

Happy Day,
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