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The Garden Gate Farm Newsletter

Good Morning Friends!

What a beautiful morning... a little kind of blog entry today.

Wanted to let all readers know about our farms Newsletter and how you can sign up to get my monthly updates for the farm.  If you go to our listing her on Local Harvest you can see how farms web site address and go there to sign up for it...

We are also now taking orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys... go to our web site to order those.

Here is a sample of my newsletter! Enjoy...

Happenings at the Farm...

June & July were unbelievable month’s in the way of record breaking heat temp’s… We have seen a lot of produce simply bolt because of the extreme heat… broccoli, some of the lettuces along with all the spinach. 

I have been including one of my blog posts each month to give you a little taste of what I blog about… in this month’s entry I have shared a very hot Friday market prep day journal… I thought it would be interesting to most of you.  We are heading into mid season of the CSA and boy oh boy I am anticipating some super yummy Heirloom tomatoes… our Bay City work shares were here and got the fourth planting of lettuces transplanted… I did a seeding of fall carrots after Eva pulled the first planting of beets the other Friday and I will be doing another planting here soon. The field despite the debilitating heat is doing pretty well… this is one year I am more than thankful that it holds moisture in…

I am excited to let everyone know that we will be helping out with another Farm To Table event but this one will be run by the Farmington Market and be held along with The Harvest Moon event.  Read more inside.

I hope you all know that we take all the care in what we do because we do it for you…

Until next time,


Keep watching the last four posts to finish up my series on Organization!  Have a great day!


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