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58 Days Till Spring!!!!!!

Hello from the winter wonderland! 

We've had some beautiful, I say that loosely, weather here.  We had a hore frost that lasted 3 days.  There wasn't any direct sunshine to melt it all away.  It was simply stunning. The children have been enjoying going sledding and skating.  Our neighbors across the road have a pond that they go skating as well as one at our school.  The children enjoy winter much more than their mom!  But I guess we all need a break.

Check out the new Web site.  Mark has added all the meat information so it will be much easier for you to do your ordering.  You can still either call us directly or email Jan to place your orders.  Also please make a note of the new email address:  Jan has always used her personal address and then sort out all the farm stuff.  She felt this would be a lot easier.  Also if possible, when you send an email, please include a phone number so I can call you back.  Thanks.


We are excited to say that all 40 CSA boxes have a home to go to for this season.  We have already started a waiting list for the 2011 season.  There are 3 people on this.  If you have questions regarding the farm, it is easier for us to answer your questions if call me (Jean) directly.  Jan simpley refers all emails to me, but is not able to answer many of the detail questions you might have. 


We've have been thrilled with the orders we are getting for our products during the winter.  Please remember that Bay City needs to have orders in by Thurs.  5pm and Farmington in by Fri. 5pm.  Any special orders/ cuts of meat need to in by Wed. evening.  We cut pork on Thur. and beef on Fri. 


Please be advised that you can order meat, eggs and honey to be picked up at the Farm.  Please call me for information.

Don't forget we have eggs, Certified Organic honey, and Rabbit available every drop day.  Occassionally we will have chicken.  Call for availability or email. 


I'm so excited to be getting into the greenhouse again.  I'm looking to be in the first week of February to start all the herbs.  Last year I think I started a bit to late (March) and they weren't as large as I would of liked by market.  Small is OK, they definely won't go into transplant shock, but I'd like to see them a bit bigger.  We'll see!  All I know is I just can't wait to get my hands in some warm dirt! 


Well, I guess it's time to sign off till next month.  Hope everyone is enjoying the slower pace of winter.  We look forward to seeing everyone through the winter drop offs thru the winter.  Take care!



Winters coming, but then follows spring!

Greetings to all! I guess it's not really winter yet.  not till the 21st.

Yesterday, (Dec. 2) Taylor and her baby pig Losif and I were outside in flip flops, no jackets weeding some of the raised beds.  I pulled out the lettuce stalks that I left go to seed and scattered all the seeds in the beds.  Hopefully we'll have lots of baby lettuces next spring.  Ahhhh, spring,  that's what I look forward to. 

Anyway, yes Taylor has an orphan piglet.  Some friends of ours had a sow that only had two babies, and her's was the only survivor.  Mom died.  So my little Fern has her Wilbur.....   and so for the last week she has been faithfully bottle feeding her baby every 2-3 hours.  He is getting quite big-  nice hams (lol)  it's not funny to her though.  But she has to understand we do not need another boar.

We recently purchased several baby piggies, 2 sows and another boar (which is why we don't need Losif!  Call me mean-  such is life.


We have some really good Amish friends who are interested in starting a Cow Share program.  We would act like a middle man for them (distributor).  We are currantly working on the contract, pricing, etc.  We are trying to see what kind of inerest there would be out there with our customers.  They have 40 shares availale.  We would deliver it to all our CSA drop sites as well as have it available at the farm.  If you would be interested in finding out more about it please contact me at 810-672-9905 (Jean).  They are Certified Organic and have about 8 cows.  They do everything naturally for the animals, including having the cows bred at the appropriate times and drying them out for the winter which is natural way for the animal.  This is what is meant by a Seasonal Dairy.  There will be no mild in the winter months.  Exact dates will be explained later.  This is just a small amount of info.  more to come. 


Please check out our calender of events.  I just finished putting in all the dates in.  Also watch your email for reminders.  Mark your calenders and try to call the week before.


Come & see us at the Market in Farmington for some lovely gifts.  We will have my cookbood, our handmade, recycled cloth grocery & book bags,  homemade recycled bookmarks & even Fresh Smoked Dog bones for Fifi & Fido.  We'll of course have a full line of our pork products, beef and eggs.  We will also have lots of our delicious Summer Sausage.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

Well it's getting late and I should sign off. 


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