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Creating Thanksgiving Traditions, Decorating Tips For That Special Table and Some Yummy Fix'ns!

Autumn is my husband Neil’s favorite time of year… he is an October baby. The leaves changing into their majestic colors of rust, scarlet and turmeric… that lovely crunching sound they make under foot… the smell of the wood stove burning… home made chicken noodle soup slowly cooking and filling the house with all those wonderful scents of the harvest we have reaped from the summer’s bounty. I love the honking that all of a sudden appears above us as the Canada honkers head south to warmer days. I love the feel of crisp air as it surrounds my face as I take my morning jaunt to the chicken coop… What it boils down to is I just really love my life on our farm. I love the freedom it has given us to be able to raise our own food…to watch our children play pond hockey on the neighbors pond…to hear their laughter ring through the barn as they play cowboys and Indians… to see the night sky lit up… to hear the crickets chirp and the Spring peepers come to life. Although I am all about summer, (I’m an August baby) I love this time of year as well.   [Read More]

We've Got the Chef!!

Hello again :-)

What a beautiful day.  The sun is shining today and the warm breeze was so lovely today! 

We got the plastic on our hoop house over the raised beds today, and we were planting radishes and kale.  The green houses are full and running over, literally :-)  Oh the joy of Spring. 

We've been watching the Canadian Geese fly over head, listening to their ever welcome honking, cheering one another to keep going on....

Well I am totally excited to announce that we have secured our Chef for our Farm to Table Dinner Event at The Octagon Barn.  We are please to announce that Andy Fabien, Owner/Executive Chef of The Van Camp House in Port Sanilac has agreed to create the menu, and prepare the meal.  They were just listed in Michigan Travel Idea's on pg. 6 in the Top 10 Restaurants to check out. 

Keep watching for the list of producers and ticket sales to go on!

any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call,



Spring :-)

Hello Again All :-)

It is pouring rain here today.  But with rain comes mud and with softer ground comes life from deep below.  I look so forward to the first signs of daffodil and tulip tips poking thier little noeses through the ground. 

The Canadian Geese are starting to fly in, showing us those 'v's we've all come to expect and look forward to.  Yes and then come all the little birds that say, "spring is coming".  Ahhhhhh, spring.  My favorite time of year.

We've secured the dates, locations and chefs for our Farm To Table Dinner Event's.  We are very happy to working with The Thumb Area Tourism Council on these events.  Here's the scoop;

Dinner #1:

We will have this Event at The Octogan Barn in Gagetown, Mi on Saturday, August 27th, 2011, Time still TBA.  We have secured the Cheff from the Hot Spot "The Van Camp House" in Port Sanilac.  See their listing in Michigan Travel Ideas put out by Midwest Living as one of the Top 10 Restaurnats in The Thumb of Michigan.  Andy Fabien is an awesome Chef.  Some of the producers that will be involved are Hampshire Farms, Bellwether Farm, Island Farms, Cheeky Monkey's Foods, and of course us at The Garden Gate CSA Farm :-)   This event will focus on Producers primarily in the Thumb of Michigan.   We are very excited.  We will keep you posted when tickets are available.

Dinner #2:

We have our second Event to be held at The Historic Govenor Warner's Mansion's Grounds in Downtown Farmington.  The date is set for Friday, September 16th, 2011 AT 6:30PM.   We have secured the Chef's from The Henry Ford Museum, yes you're seeing correct :-)  This event will focus on The Downtown Farmington Farmers & Artisans Farmers Market vendors.  We will keep everyone posted as soon as tickets become available.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email. 

Have a wonderful day and talk soon,





Farm to Table Evemt

Hello Again!

The snow fell on us, that's for sure.  We have drifts up to 7' tall next to our barn hill and up against some of our out buildings.  The snow is simply glistening and shows like diamonds lost all around.  There is truly something beautiful about the snow untouched.

We are extremely excited to announce our plans for a Farm to Table Dinner Event.  WE have secured Govenor Warners Beautiful Historic Grounds.  It is scheduled for Friday, September 16th, 2011 at 6:30 pm.  Check out our farms schedules of events.  We have also sesured some of Michigans finest Chefs, TBA with ticket price and other particulars.  OUr goal is to promote all the vendors from our Downtown Farmington Farmers  & Artisans Farmers market.  We will be accepting reservations and will keep you posted.  If you are not on our farms email list, please sign up at . This will keep you posted on all our events, etc.

For those of you who havn't been to our new Winter Farmers Market, check out our web site at  to see who, what, and where.  Also check out our farms web site at  to see the live broadcast of me on Fox TV2 about our Market. 

Hope to see you all at the market.


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