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Fall Farm Clean Up Day at The Garden Gate Farm

We are thrilled to announce that we will be able to do our Annual ‘Spring’ Clean Up Day this Fall! Many of you who were planning on coming out this past Spring for our annual event were very disappointed, as were we, due to the Memorial Service for Neil’s mom. Well, we are planning the grand event for Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 from 10am to 4pm. As usual Neil will be roasting a hog and we will serve up all the fixen’s with it… a Farm to Table Dinner at the Farm! Of course we will serve my famous Vegetarian Lasagna for all our veggie lovin’ friends! As always everyone is welcome, both our CSA members along with our Farm Market Friends, to others know simply as ‘customer’s.  [Read More]

The Garden Gate Farm Newsletter

The Garden Gate Farms Monthly Newsletter and Thanksgiving Turkey Order Time!  [Read More]

Tussie Mussies Made Simple, Putting Up Rhubarb, Rhubarb Crisp and Rhubarb Punch!

Well here we are getting fired up about the garden and all that she will bear for us... spring, summer, fall and winter... each holds a different gift for the individual.  Most people are not aware of the extended growing capabilities that we now have available in more northern climates, such as mine here in the thumb of Michigan.  We have some cold winters but with heated and unheated greenhouses, high tunnels and/ or hoop houses the posibilities are quite amazing.  No we can't grow tomatoes, they need a certain amount of sunlight to bear that vine ripened flavorful tomato.  I don't believe in hydroponics and wouldn't eat anything grown that way on purpose... read the labels friends, you'd be surprised at what you're eating during the winter months.  I believe, but don't totally practice eating 'in season'... my family likes banana's and oranges and we buy them in the winter. I do realize that eating local and in season are wonderful and right things, but, we are a bit spoiled. With all the preserving and root cellaring we do we have pretty much every thing we could want out of the garden all winter long and right on through spring until it all starts coming in fresh again.  With our hoop houses we can have fresh greens and lettuces all winter long... like I said we are spoiled! Which brings me to helping you put up some rhubarb and giving you recipes on how to use it in and out 'of season'... enjoy!  [Read More]
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