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Resolutions, Getting Rid of the Winter Blahs, Get Together Ideas and Yummy Winter Time Soup Recipes!

This word, 'Resolutions' is on most peoples minds in the new year.  Why do we think about this only at the New Year?  Many of us take time to reflect on what transpired over the last twelve months of our lives... a time to think on what we would like to continue doing and what we want to stop doing... a time to dream and imagine what the next twelve months will hold for us. New Years Resolutions are a common thing and many of us are looking to make some... be it little or large.  My 'resolutions' this year are too be more faithful in praying for others, being kind in all situations and reorganizing my office and keeping it that way! I did a series on Organization this past summer and I think I need to turn back to the office one!  That is the space that seems to get the best of me! I have so many things to keep straight and it just seems I don't have enough space... haha... a whole room just isn't enough eh? Well, this week I am gutting the room... I am going to clean out the file cabinets and purge, purge, purge!   Another goal that I want to implement is that of The 3/50 Project ( that I mentioned in my previous blog.  I do a lot of shopping & trading with my co-vendors at my markets, but I want to support the small local businesses in my community a bit more this year.    [Read More]

Gift Giving Ideas and More Yummy Winter Thyme Recipes

There is a light dusting of snow on the ground and the air is chilled... next Friday will herald in the first day of Winter... my personal countdown to beloved Spring.  I have Spring in the hoop house despite what the calender says right now... but today I am not feeling very well and thought I would do something else I love that I have been neglecting... "For Dragonflies and Me"... an essentially all of you who read this.  The days have been growing shorter and the sunshine diminishing more and more each day.  Today is a sunny day and I will be happy for that. Here are some great gift giving ideas for those of you that want to do something extra special along with some ideas on drying and freezing your herbs and of course a few recipes to use them in. Enjoy friends.

We are in the heart of the Gift Giving season and us crafty people are always looking for that extra unique gift that we can hand make for those special people in our lives.  Gift Baskets are a fun and super easy way to create a one of a kind gift.  Although we need to look out of the box, or should I say 'basket' and look around for unique and original 'containers' to hold the gifts!  Here a few ideas that you can expand on... just remember, be creative and have fun, that special person will know that you spent extra time in this gift of love!  Please remember that there are many Winter Farmers Markets going on right now, including our farms in Downtown Farmington, The Old Winery and we've got over 30 vendors there every Saturday that can easily help you create many of these novel gifts...
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Winter and Pantry Share Options

Here is a concise breakdown of what our CSA Winter and Pantry Shares offer.  [Read More]

58 Days Till Spring!!!!!!

Hello from the winter wonderland! 

We've had some beautiful, I say that loosely, weather here.  We had a hore frost that lasted 3 days.  There wasn't any direct sunshine to melt it all away.  It was simply stunning. The children have been enjoying going sledding and skating.  Our neighbors across the road have a pond that they go skating as well as one at our school.  The children enjoy winter much more than their mom!  But I guess we all need a break.

Check out the new Web site.  Mark has added all the meat information so it will be much easier for you to do your ordering.  You can still either call us directly or email Jan to place your orders.  Also please make a note of the new email address:  Jan has always used her personal address and then sort out all the farm stuff.  She felt this would be a lot easier.  Also if possible, when you send an email, please include a phone number so I can call you back.  Thanks.


We are excited to say that all 40 CSA boxes have a home to go to for this season.  We have already started a waiting list for the 2011 season.  There are 3 people on this.  If you have questions regarding the farm, it is easier for us to answer your questions if call me (Jean) directly.  Jan simpley refers all emails to me, but is not able to answer many of the detail questions you might have. 


We've have been thrilled with the orders we are getting for our products during the winter.  Please remember that Bay City needs to have orders in by Thurs.  5pm and Farmington in by Fri. 5pm.  Any special orders/ cuts of meat need to in by Wed. evening.  We cut pork on Thur. and beef on Fri. 


Please be advised that you can order meat, eggs and honey to be picked up at the Farm.  Please call me for information.

Don't forget we have eggs, Certified Organic honey, and Rabbit available every drop day.  Occassionally we will have chicken.  Call for availability or email. 


I'm so excited to be getting into the greenhouse again.  I'm looking to be in the first week of February to start all the herbs.  Last year I think I started a bit to late (March) and they weren't as large as I would of liked by market.  Small is OK, they definely won't go into transplant shock, but I'd like to see them a bit bigger.  We'll see!  All I know is I just can't wait to get my hands in some warm dirt! 


Well, I guess it's time to sign off till next month.  Hope everyone is enjoying the slower pace of winter.  We look forward to seeing everyone through the winter drop offs thru the winter.  Take care!


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