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The gardens are bursting with blooms and scents that make a person's senses start leaping... the spicy smell of the rose... the peonies simply radiate with beauty as their big pom-pom flowers sway too and fro on the breeze... weeding amongst the basil's, thyme's, sage's and fennel's just tantalize the olfactory senses to a majestic height... Gardening is a gift and no one can convince me otherwise!  Right now we have lots of herbs that are producing prolifically and it can be difficult to get all these yummies put in the pot, shall we say.  Don't despair, you have more options with herbs than just eating them~ although that is my personal first choice! There are lots of folks out there that enjoy herbs in personal care products even more than on the menu. I am going to focus on this area of herbs for the next while to switch things up a bit.  Enjoy the sunshine and smile big... summer's just around the corner!    [Read More]
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