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Doubting the Persimmon Seeds

One of our favorite family activities each fall is checking the persimmon seeds. Our neighbor has many prolific persimmon trees and she generously provides us with persimmons each year. She also taught us about the persimmon seeds. The legend says that if you crack the seed open you will find either a knife, a spoon or a fork inside. If you find a knife it will be a cold winter with cutting winds. A spoon will bring heaps of snow. A fork is a split in the weather with both mild and severe spells.

We have tried this experiment each year since we moved to Indiana, and each year the seeds have been spot on. It is actually the epicotyl or small plant part of the seed and every year it has a distinct shape. We always check several seeds and each year all the seeds  have an identical shape.  One year it’s a fork, the next a spoon.

View of the Double Masted Oak TreeNow keep in mind that when we moved here we were told that in Columbus you will get 2 inches of snow 2 times a year and it will last for 2 days. For the most part this has been true. Big snows are unusual and they usually melt right away.

Well this fall it was a spoon. The kids rejoiced. They started guessing how soon they would have a snow day. The last time we found a spoon we had a record two feet of snow just before Christmas. The kids have never had so much fun.

We’ll we waited and waited. We had inches of rain and bitter cold. The pond froze 6 inches thick. I told the kids maybe the seed was wrong. Maybe we just had a lot of rain, after all if the inches of rain had been snow it would have been feet of snow. Maybe this would be the year we never used the sleds, only the ice skates. The kids are very happy mom was wrong.

We had 6 inches of snow followed by an inch of ice topped with 6 inches of snow. The driveway is a toboggan run. We went sledding until we were exhausted. When the light peaks out from behind the clouds, the layer of ice in the middle of the snow is the bright blue you see in the glaciers of Alaska.

I agree with the kids. I’m glad mom was wrong.  Every winter needs a day like today.

The winter garden

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