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I Can Smell Spring in the Air!

So what does Spring smell like? Maybe not what you would expect. Around here long before the spring peepers make their first chirp, before the robins return, before the outdoors begins to smell of thawing earth there are two sure signs that spring is on it's way. 

Sign number one: the first flies have appeared. There are just one or two in the warmer buildings, but they are back and probably here to stay. 

Sign number two: the smell of skunk. I thought I smelled it yesterday, but thought maybe it was just wishful thinking. Today it could not be mistaken. The skunks have come out of hibernation.

Such a distinct and pungent smell, but one that is welcome because the robins and the spring peepers will not be far off now.

It's a bright sunny day and I'm going out to the gardens and orchard to see how things look now that the snow is gone. I don't think the deer have done much damage this year and I haven't seen many rabbits either. I'll let you know what I find.

Hope your day is a glorious as mine!


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