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Seeds Glorious Seeds


They’ve arrived! Those lovely, colorful packets full of hope and promise, each with it’s perfect picture bringing the promise of a bountiful, beautiful harvest.

Today the first of several seed orders arrived in the mail. The excitement began back in December with the arrival of the seed catalogs. They greeted me at the mail box with countless possibilities. After planning and plotting I narrowed down the choices and placed the order. Then began the wait.

Finally they arrived bringing with them the promise of spring, warm weather, new life, hope. They are the perfect remedy to a drab, cold day.

The snow of last week has faded. It is dirty and old and tired. But my seed packets are bright and new. They hold a rainbow of colors, green edamame, purple lettuce, neon chard, orange, red and black tomatoes, chocolate peppers, yellow cucumbers, pink eggplant.

There will be a day late this summer that is the perfect contrast to this day. It will be hot and humid. The weeds will grow inches every day. It won’t cool off even at night. I’ll stand in the garden and think of winter, of cool weather and no weeds or bugs. I won’t remember being tired of cold, tired of the indoors, tired of the dark. I will try to appreciate the heat as I look forward to winter days and fire places.

For now I get to play with my seeds. I spread them out and look at them.  I sort them by variety and planting times and start making notes about what gets planted and when.  I dream of long warm days in the garden and perfect weedless rows of vegetables. And I try to appreciate the few weeks of winter that remain.

You can find out more about our plans for the summer at our website: - Lori

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