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May 2011 Newsletter

It is May 16 and it is very wet and cold after a brief period of good weather.  We have been very busy in the fields trying to get as many crops planted as we can before this wet period, and I think we have done very well. 

The sugar snap peas that were planted almost a month ago that I thought might rot in the wet cold ground, did survive - and it looks like we will have most of the 3 ½ rows for harvest. I do not know if they will be ready to pick for June 23  -- we will see.

We have to plow each field as we go because the weather did not permit plowing all fields first then we could just concentrate on planting.
We have planted 2 acres of potatoes, 1/3 acre of onions, ½ acre of broccoli and cabbage, 3 acres of sweet corn (including a half acre of early corn transplanted from the greenhouse) 4 rows 600 ft long of green beans, 2 rows 250 ft long of Alaska peas, 31/2 rows of Oregon sugar snap peas, and 2/3 acre of Early Girl and Polbig Tomatoes.
We have started all the watermelons and cantaloupe, zucchini, yellow summer squashes and cucumbers in the greenhouse and are working on seeding pati pan squash and a few more melons.  This week we will also seed the flats for the late crops of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage and a few very late tomatoes.

We have a small garden ¼ acre ready to plant early stuff in and Carolyn is working on transplanting in the early spinach and lettuce plants from the greenhouse.  We are trying to make up for the late spring by using the plants started in the greenhouse instead of direct seeded spinach and lettuce - it is much more work, but may give us veggies on time.

CSA membership has gone very well and currently we have 95 paid members - a very nice sized group. There may be a few more of you left that have not subscribed yet, if you still want to we can take a few more members without any problems (especially if you are on our current route).

When the weather dries out again we will be planting more sweet corn and green beans and getting the fields ready for the main planting of tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant and then all the vine crops (squash, melons, and cucumbers.

There are only 38 more days until the first planned distribution - not much time for the crops to get ready, If we get some warm weather we should still have stuff to pick on time.  Worse case we would have to deliver our first distribution on June 30 (last Thursday of June) and add a final distribution on the end (November 4 ).  I will keep you all updated as time and the weather progresses. 

Wishing each of you a very good day!
Your Veggiegrowers,
Mark and Carolyn Walker
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