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December 2011 End of Season Newsletter

It has been a very interesting season.  I have never had potatoes as good as the Red Potatoes we grew this year.  We had some blocks of sweet corn that were some of the best weve ever had too.  Over all though this year was the most chalanging one we have ever had.  The last year I can remeber that was as bad from a weather standpont was 1988 with a terible drought, but we had the benifit of good weed control and little disease.  This year we had wet cold weather that kept us out of the fields until late, then hot dry weather right when the fall crops were planted and very young.  We had very poor weed control -- could not cultivate when needed due to the wet, and no help with any dry time for disease. We sacrificed some of our production planted for the stand to help bolster our CSA shares and got through pretty well. We are looking forward to a good new year and a much better season for 2012!  CSA is king - without our members we would be much worse off than we are -- for thier support we owe them our Thanks!  [Read More]
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