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  (Paw Paw, Michigan)
Fresh naturally grown veggies produced for you, provided weekly for CSA memebers.
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Eliminate waste and give CSA Members a choice

We have decided that we need to do a better job of providing our CSA members with what they can actually use. We find that while one member may not ever use Kohlrabi, another rmay love it and really be disapointed if we stop growing it.   We also find that if we reduce the variety of crops we grow to those that are favorites to everyone we would likley only be growing five or six crops, and limiting the length of our season. 

We are asking our members to provide a list of those crops they just don't want, also a list of those they realy like.   I plan to create a database that I can print out like a packing list so we will be able to custom pack the boxes with each members name on the box. This way no member has to get something they can't use, and then have to waste it. We will have a better idea what to plant, and make better use of our resources, just growing what will actually be used. 

I do not think that any crop will be eliminated totaly with this approach, but I can already tell we will need to plant more lettuce and less of the other leafy greens, more zucchini and even less yellow squash. 

This is going to make packing day a bit more complex for us, but I am thinking that only offering a set package is limiting the number of people that participate, because most people have such an aversion to waste that they become discouraged if any program that puts them in a position of having to discard part of thier distribution.  By adding this service along with the home delivery we have the best possible choice for anyone in our area that is looking for a CSA home. 


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