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Spring is finally showing!

One greenhouse up!  Two more to go -- We should have the second one up this week. We are also going to start pulling up black plastic mulch from the newly rented field this week. The guys are done pruning grapes and need work --as the snow is finally melting away we can use the time to remove all the old mulch that was left behind from the previous crop two years ago (flowers).  Then we will have a clear place to get started with this years crops. We are going to plant all our early stuff here, lettuce, radishes, carrots, beets, spinach, kale, onions and early broccoli.  We will also plant around 6000 tomato plants and 5000 peppers.  Later in the season we will put as much of the cantaloupe and cucumbers as we have room left in.  This is a field we are able to use trickle irrigation on and the main crops and sensitive crops will be grown here this year.

The first greenhouse survived really well --we only need to splice the ridge pole and patch two minor holes in the plastic.  The second one had more snow pilled on it and may need a couple of hoops replaced.  The third one is still got thick snow on it --but we don't need it right away thankfully.

All the early green stuff including lettuce kale and broccoli have been seeded -- Peppers will be next, then tomatoes.



Snow,,,Snow...Snow Winter is just hanging in there!

Winter just is relentless here in Southwestern lower Michigan this year!  I am sure it is much the same in much of the country.  Our hoop houses are still buried and it looks like they may be for another couple of weeks. We have decided to have a friend of ours that operates a larger greenhouse start our seedlings for us.  They will be about two or three weeks old when we bring them home in 512 cell plug trays to transplant into our 72 cell flats.  We think by the second week of April it might be safe to plan for our hoop houses to be repaired and ready to receive plants.  This gives the plants until May 15 to May 25 to be ready to transplant into the fields.  I am hoping it will be dry enough by then to work ground and plant! (and warm enough for plants to grow!)  There are always challenges every year in growing veggies and it seams no two years are ever the same. What really counts is how well you roll with the punches and work to counteract the challenges as they appear.  It is what makes farming interesting (the glass half full mentality --better yet the glass is ALWAYS full of something -- even though that something might just be air).


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