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Great News! We now have some irrigated ground to farm.

I have some great news I would like to share with all members and interested friends and neighbors, and past members.   We have just rented a very nice field within 1/4 mile from home located just off Paw Paw RD. The field is between 3.5 and 4 acres. The best feature of this field is an irrigation well on this land and we will be able to use trickle irrigation on the entire field. The soil is excellent for growing veggies and we plan to plant the following crops there:
lettuce / romaine
kale / spinach
large white onions
carrots, radishes, beets
possibly -- half our broccoli & some cabbage
This will go a long way toward ensuring a great crop because we will no longer be strictly at the mercy of the rains. In a way this makes the purchase of a CSA share in Walkers Fresh Veggies an even better buy than it was before.
We are very excited about this and hope it provides a greater sense of security for all our members too.
Your veggigrower,
Trickle irrigation is the use of plastic irrigation tape that has emitters that control the output of water.  One tape is put down each row of plants and the emitters are usually spaced 12 inches apart.  The water is applied at very low pressures and the output per foot of row is very low.  This is why it is called drip irrigation or trickle irrigation.  The benefits are you are able to water much more ground with the same size well, you do not waste water watering the areas between the rows, and you do not get the plants wet (this keeps disease low).
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