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January Newsleter

We have started ordering seeds for this coming season. This is actually when we have to make the decisions on what we are going to plant this year. You may ask why we order so early –the weather out is so cold, how can you possibly be thinking about spring time now?  The answer is we are actually already late in ordering –the reason I say this is that two varieties of kale we wanted to order from Seedway are already sold out—we had to order them through another seed company and pay a higher price than we would have if we had ordered a month ago and were able to get them at Seedway.  Some seed houses allow us to order and pay when the seed is shipped, others want a check at time of order. Either way it has been a long while since we have had anything to sell and so we must borrow to buy seed for now or wait longer (until some CSA subscription money comes in) to order.   If we wait much longer we will have many other varieties of seed that are Out of Stock, and we also run the risk of not having the seed we need delivered here in time to plant for the greenhouse.  We begin seeding lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes in just 7 weeks from now.  

Many people ask me what do you do all winter?  I have a job working for a large grape grower near Lawton –I and a couple of the guys that work for me during the summer are pruning grapes this winter.  There is about 100 acres of vineyard to prune and we will be very busy trying to get that done before spring.  The weather has not been the best this year and some days it is just too bad out to be able to prune.

We are looking for more land in our area to grow veggies on.  If anyone knows of any available farmable ground to rent, please let me know.  We would like it to be near enough to access with our tractors (they only go about 12 to 15 mph on the road).  We are set with enough ground for CSA shares, but would like to be able to provide much more food to the Food Bank of South Central Michigan. We are a Farm to Food grower for that Food Bank and have been participating the last three years and would like to be a bigger provider than we currently can be due to a shortage of available farmland.

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