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Spring is finally here!

We have finally started planting in the greenhouse. We have around 10,000 sweet onion plants that are doing well and are about 3 inches tall. The first early tomatoes are just emerging and are looking good too. Soon we will be transplanting into flats and filling up our second greenhouse. Today I will go pick-up a pallet of organic peat we use for transplants.  Friday I will seed the peppers, cabbage, broccoli,eggplant and some more tomatoes. We are well underway, and it feels good to be getting back to growing things after the long hard winter. 

In past years I've prunned fruit trees for a neighbor in the winter to keep busy. The last couple of years I stopped doing that first of all because two years ago money was tight (heavy apple crop - poor prices) and my neighbor thought he might not prune all the orchards, then I am getting older and the work out in the cold every day is getting harder and harder on my arthritis, and I just need some time off from the 16 hour days I put in through the veggie season, so I've pretty much just let the prunning job go (I have my own trees to prune -but not very many- just enough for fun).

I have around half a ton of Yukon Gold potatoes to sort through and bag - I want to donate them to a soup kitchen or food bank or some place like that to help the unemployed people in my area.  This is my next task now that the green houses are going.  After I get that done I need to do some fixing on some equipment - build up the landsides on the plow and do some welding etc.  Then it will be time to start the plowing, and I wont have any free time to blog after that.

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