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March heat wave Update!

Walkers Fresh Veggies CSA -- UPDATE

Hi Everyone,

This weather sure is crazy. I now have been over all the ground with the disc., have chisel plowed all the heavy ground. The field across the road has been moldboard plowed and disced twice.

I have planted ¾ acre of spring crops. These are crops the cold weather will not hurt (it is likely to turn cold again).

I have in 8 rows swiss chard, 12 rows beets, 1 row mustard, 4 rows turnips, 4 rows rutabaga, 18 rows of carrots, and 2 rows of mixed lettuce. These rows are at least 250 feet long.

I have to wait on the radishes and green onions because they grow much faster than the greens, and I want them to be ready about the same time.

In the greenhouse we have all the seeds germinated and doing nicely, seeded some lavender that is not up yet. We are going to transplant the early tomatoes into flats as soon as it rains and we can’t work outside. Also need to move all the first broccoli and cabbage into the big greenhouse so it gets more sun and we free up some room in the first greenhouse to put peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant when they are big enough to transplant.

A little rain would be OK right now – just not a downpour –that could crust over the ground and make it hard for the greens and beets and carrots to emerge. (This is the big risk right now –the soil crusting over).

Just a reminder! ! Returning members subscriptions due by April 15.

We need to know who we have. We have just as many new members as we have returning members right at this point.


Right now we are three weeks ahead of normal with the growing season – peaches are in bloom –they will most likely be froze out and we will have no peaches. Apples and plums are about ready to bloom –I hope they hold off for awhile. Rhubarb is up -- it shouldn’t be up for another 3 to 4 weeks. The early broccoli and cabbage in the greenhouse is already 4 inches tall. We will likely be planting corn and green beans in mid April this year.

Gotta go now – I am going to chisel plow more ground today.

I will keep you informed, have a great day!

Your veggigrower, Mark and Carolyn Walker



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