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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Greetings from a wet and rainy northwest Ohio farm.  This is the time of year when we usually start thinking of snow, Christmas lights and basketball games.  But it seems, the "showers" of blessings just won't quit.  It is Sunday afternoon and it is again raining.  Our lower pasture is flooded and the upper pasture and riding arena are covered in water.  Makes for a miserable choring experience.  We joke that the only happy animals on our farm right now are the ducks, and that remainse to be true!

This is not a typical December, many times we are reminiscing about the harvest and finalizing year end paperwork.  But this year, the harvest might not be finalized by year end.  It will take a hard freeze before the combine can hit the fields again.  There are 2.5 fields of corn to go before we can put harvest 2011 in the books. 

The standing corn is not unusual for many of the farmers in Ohio, this puts a small quandry on the other December tradition in Ohio, deer hunting.  The deer have a lot more "cover" to hide in with all of the fields still in tact. We had numerous hunters within earshot this past week as we heard the echo of shot guns firing.  Not all hunters went home with meat for their freezers as we saw 3 deer run from the creek on the north of our farm to the woods at the south of the farm. Those three had cleverly averted every attempt.

Well, it's off to church on this cold rainy night.  Good fellowship and Biblical learning is just the remedy for this dreary day. 


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