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Anticipating Spring

My husband and I were just chatting that the best part of January is the anticipation of spring.  The warmer weather, the planting season, and most of all, the new animals born on the farm.

Last fall we added a red angus heifer to our farm family.  She is due to calve in April or May.  This calf will be the second born on our farm with the first being this year as well.  Last summer we added our first black angus heifer and she is due to calve in March.  These two beautiful animals are the start of our own cow-calf herd.  They join about 35 or more calves and steers that are raised for our customers.

These two heifers have been a great addition and a joy to interact with.  The black heifer, Dutchess, settled in nicely to our barn and pasture.  When Velvet, the red angus arrived, Dutchess took her in and showed her the ropes. They bonded very quickly.  The calves from these two may be 4-H projects for our daughters at the Williams County Fair.  We are looking forward to spring and the new life that will be evident in the barns and in the fields.

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