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Life on R Farm: Late Winter/Early Spring

Even though the ground is covered in snow and the wind is chilling our bones, the feeling of renewal that accompanies spring is starting to set in on the farm. For the calving operation, it is evident in the baby calves starting on bottles and the beef cows that will soon be calving.

Once the snow melts and the ground is visible again, work in the fields will resume. There’s a field tile installation project to finish and ground that needs tilled and leveled. Corn and soybean seed will arrive soon for spring planting, and Doug and his brother have been busy prepping the farm equipment for the task.

Life on R Farm: The Winter Months

Harvest time has come and gone, and winter is upon us.

Doug's focus has been on hauling manure, finishing tillage and winterizing the farm's buildings and equipment. Now is also his time to research inputs and purchase next spring's crops. Record-keeping and office work, which Doug also enjoys, provide a welcomed respite from winter's snow and cold.

As a family, we are anticipating the late winter/early spring calving period for our small, but growing, herd.

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