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Ready for Spring

It is March 4 and the snow if flying.  If you don't like the weather in Northwest Ohio, just wait 24 hours and it will likely change!  So true for the entire last month.  We are adding a north addition onto our older original barn.  We were able to pour the concrete foundation in 40 degree weather.  This past week the walls were studded in and hopefully tomorrow will bring the trusses.  The addition is not to add more animals to our farm, but to allow for better care for our animals during all phases of Ohio weather. 

In December we added a border collie to the menagerie we call R Farm.  He is a lively addition and loves to herd anything that moves!  As new Border collie owners, this has taken some adjustment to understand.  The ducks rightfully ignore him and he ignores them.  The pony has not learned this lesson. :)  However, the dog has quickly learned the paces around the farm and is starting to respect our verbal commands.  This brings more harmony to the daily chore time! 

We are all yearning for true spring and the start of preparing the land for planting.  A little sunshine would be welcome too.  We will keep you posted on the barn progress! 

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