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SAve Our Seed, Feed Our Future

Conventional Seed are mostly hybrids. Creating by artificially cross-pollinating two plants with specific characteristics to produce a plant with the strongest assests of each parent. the seeds produced by the hybrid plant, however, do not typically produce a plant identical to the parent, but instead goes back a generation to the strongest grandparental plant.

GMO Seed: This seed is typically found in stores. They are genetically altered organisms. The genes of another species (animal or phyto) have been inserted into a conventional seed to make it 'super'. Some tomatoes, for example, have been injected with genes of a fish to make it resistant to frost. These seeds are sterile. If you want more seed you must go back & repurchase. 20 yrs ago we had over 5000 forms of seed to chose from. today we have about 500. Here's a tip: next time you purchase from the store look at the PLU code:a five digit number beginning with an 8, is a GMO food. If its a 4 numbered code, its a hybrid. Starts with a 9=organic. Consider yourself informed.

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Springin' Along

Finally!  Here in Ohio it certainly felt like Spring was never gonna get here.  The night before, we were hit with a hard frost.... on the 17th of May! 

Anyhoo, things are humming right along here at HTF (Harvest Thyme Farm).  We finally got the large garden planted, and I am scurrying to get ready for my first ever farm sale.  Heirlooms sure seems to be a hot topic this year and I am proud that I will be able to offer them to sell.  I have many of my farmgirl friends flying and driving in this week and it will be nice to have my "hen frens" around for a few days.  I'm certain that there will be a few bottle of wine slayed before they head back to Washington, Indiana and New York!

My "girls" are laying beautiful eggs these days.  And I am selling them left and right. I have a new set of young pullets to intro to the older ones in a week or so and another set of babies in the brooder. Me thinks I'm outta my gourd..... hi, my name is Dawn and I have a chicken problem!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Spring weather!  Keep on farmin!



Welcome to Harvest Thyme Farm & Market!  We are a country gem nestled in the midst of Amish Country in Northeast Ohio.  What started out as a simple pumpkin stand now encompasses a Veggie Shed & gift shop featuring whimsies and what-nots made by local Ohio farmgirl friends.  We also have a diverse flock of free range hens that deliver beautiful multi-colored eggs-just waiting to be on your breakfast plate. 

I am a gyspy of sorts.  I've had all kinds of professions and titles. But no job compared to one I held while I was pregnant with my daughter.  I worked at a family owned farm stand and loved it.  I loved being out in the open, gathering vegetables from the garden, making baked goods and talking with the customers.  Sixteen years later, I've decided to go for it and here I am.  We own 3 acres in Northern Ashland County.  I also am interested in selling heritage hogs, and goats-just as soon as my hubby says it's okay!  I grew up on a dairy farm in Medina, Ohio so my love of the land has been instilled in me from the get-go.  My grandfather was a backwards farmer who used to sleep til noon and farm all night!

I also boast a HUGE passion for heirloom vegetable and plants.  I feel that it's a growing concern that 90% of seed has disappeared.  Do you realize that 20 years ago gardeners had over 5000 vegetable seed to choose from.  Today that same gardener has only 500 varieties and 90% of them are genetically modified.  I dont' know about you, but if I went out to buy a car and found that the models available were reduced 90% I'd be a little startled.  I feel that it is my duty to inform and educate others on the effects of GM foods and the devastation they could potentially pose to the consumer.

If your every out this way, please feel free to stop by and visit for a bit.  My grand opening is May,23, 2009, however, I should be around every Saturday and Sunday (excluding Easter) before then.

Please stay tuned for more happenings at Harvest Thyme Farm (HTF)!


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