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SAve Our Seed, Feed Our Future

Food. Most of us know that we have animals that, every year, are placed on an Endangered List. But did you know that there is a list of foods that are indanger of extinction as well?

If you're wondering why there is a new energy surrounding Heirloom Seeds/foods it's because we are losing a large amount of food to science. Genetic Modification (GMO) is everywhere. You're probably not aware that 90% of fresh produce is scientifcally tampered with to deliver a product of perfect shape, color & longevity. Moreoever, you can't save that seed from the squash you just purchased from the big box store because its completely sterile. A major GMO company boasts "NO SEED WILL BE SOWN THAT WE DON'T OWN". They are developing new "Franken-foods" faster than you can digest that store bought salad. Its no wonder that Americans suffer from illneses like depression to diabetes. Nothing we eat anymore has much nutritional value. I invite you to take pause and think about where your family's food is coming from. Dont you think its time to SAVE OUR SEED AND FEED OUR FUTURE?

A rose is a rose and a seed is a seed right? Not necessarily....Heirloom Seeds are typically defined as being more than 50 yrs old  & having a story associated with them. They have been handed down from generation to generation and produce a plant identical to the parent. This seed bears fruits, vegetables and flowers unmatched by the common varieties found today.

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