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buzzing and blooming

Yesterday was a beautiful day on the farm.  We had had a couple of days of rain previous and I had noticed we had very few flowers on our plants. I was starting to panic, wondering if we had done something wrong, and the plants weren't happy. But yesterday the sun came out and the flowers opened. The squash and cucumber plants were full of lovely yellow flowers - hundreds of them.  It was gorgeous.

Yet even more beautiful were the bees and other pollinators.  I saw sweat bees, bumblebees, honeybees and butterflies.  When you really start thinking about what they are doing, it is amazing.  I watched as a big bumblebee did a dance around the center of the male flower.  It wiggled its way out of the flower and buzzed its way to another flower, this time a female flower.  So innocently it impregnated the female flower.  Simple yet so complicated.  All the energy that goes into making that squash by so many living things, yet my contribution is miniscule.  I planted the seed. We have watered on occasion, but this plant would have survived without it. 

I did not grow that squash or any other plant on our farm.  I watched it grow.  I am not a participant in this process, I am only an observer.  To know when to let go and let God is a lesson that I need to remember as a farmer. 

I am learning to trust that the flowers will open and the bees will find the flowers when the time is right. 

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