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The Black Sheep of our Family

Well, every family has a black sheep and now ours does too, but literally! I've always wanted a sheep, even back in college at the Univ. of Wisconsin.  When I was bored, stressed, angry or all three I would walk to the Ag. barn and watch the sheep.  Something about the way they baaaa  or is it how cute they are?  Anyway, as an Ag student in horticulture, the barn wasn't too far away from my classes and I went there often, wondering if I would ever have a sheep perhaps.  This was the farthest thing from my mind then.  So here I am thirty some years later, several careers later, and I decided to buy a sheep.  And she  is black!   And cute and tame and now she is walking on a lead with a collar like our dogs.  So adorable and fun for everyone.  It turns out she is a heritage breed wich is a huge plus, I think.  Part Jacob (from way back in Biblical times, ) and part Tunis, which has a really cool history!          Tunis sheep came from Tunisia and were given to a farmer in Pa in the late 1700's. This farmer gave them to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, they became widespread in the south because they were so heat tolerant.   However, during the civil war, nearly all the southern stock was destroyed,  The breed survived due to a clever man in S.Carolina (by Columbia) who hid his sheep in a george.  Thus the Tunis has survived today.            Gracie Mae, is her name and she is so sweet tempered, has bonded to our alpacas and especially to our sweet "Heather" who is soon to be a mother.  Come and visit the farm and meet our black sheep, Gracie!                        

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