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 We don't havest apples,corn, vegies or fruit on our farm but we do have a wonderful harvest here!  The spring brought us four beautiful babies, two boys and two girls. All adorable of course. So what is our fall havest?

   Well its seeing our crias thriving for one. They are nearly all 5 months now and strong and healthy! The mothers are beginning to wean them off and they are chewing the hay and muching the grain.  Mother's kicking them slightly away from their teats, avoiding their humming bleats seem a little cruel perhaps but so necessary. The crias are learning the hard way that the hay and grain will sustain them. New babies are in the making and the mom's sense this and know they have to nourish the new life.

  Havest time on the farm is also a spinning project of very long duration. I have started spinning the cria shearing from the last years babies (Sambucca, Max and Inca) and I feel like I'm spinning gold in the form of soft clouds.  The fiber is wonderful and spins so perfectly. Great crimp and handle that makes this the best fleece that I have ever spun. Its my first time in actually hand carding my fleece and spinning directly from the raw, shorn fleece. No mill necessary. I'm able to spin it very fine and after putting into skeins I will wash it and hang out to dry.  This is like harvesting grapes and putting into wine . Truely it is a bountiful harvest. The fine charachter of the fleece is proving to us our nutrition and breeding program is working. We don't skimp on the type of hay or grain, they are getting the best. And we give fiber nutrients to boost their fleece. I hope to win several spin off contests this year with the harvest of the fleece.

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