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Waiting for Shearing; waiting for birthing:

Beautiful spring is upon us now, most of the leaves have budded out on the trees. We are still awaiting our oak trees to bud out and make wonderful shade for our alpacas.  They are loving this cold weather  this spring and we hope it holds out at least another week.  We have not yet sheared our alpacas.  Very late this year ! We rescheduled our shearing due to the cold temperatures and wet weather. Soaking wet alpacas are not condusive to nice fleece processing. And so we wait. Shearing the boys on April 30th. We are also waiting for the birthing of three alpacas. May will bring to us  three new "crias" to bless our herd with. These are long anticipated as gestation is 11.5 months or even longer.  All of the mothers in waiting have given birth before and we have midwifed before so my nerves are not as bad as last year's birthing season. The mothers will be sheared May 31st.

   Two of the mom's: Bella and Abby have been bred to our newest herdsire, Ivanhoe. I'm so anxious to see how the babies come out. The mom's are now bulging and heavy with cria.  Ivanhoe is a six time national ribbon winner so I have high hopes for the crias. He is also true black , which is the hot color right now and he is gorgous! So, Ivanhoe, we are anxiously awaiting your babies.

  Monte, our other herdsire is waiting as well. It will be his chance to breed to some of the girls soon. He makes wonderful babies and our little Max proves this. He won a ribbon the last show and everybody loves his fleece. Long, long staple length, super bold crimp and crimpy througout his body. We just love our Max (Maximus) and he's so cuddly and laid back one thinks of him like a teddy bear. 

  So, we are waiting. Waiting for the oak leaves, waiting for shearing and waiting for the births. Thus is lovely springtime.

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