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too suddenly

too fast

now gone.

My beautiful black smoke Persian cat.

He was one that I had bred, one of the second litter from Muusta.

He was our favorite kitten and grew to be so beautiful.

Such a handsome cat he was, Chesterfield Greystoke.

I had such plans for us. You were to last us, to be with us,

to be our friend through the rest of our lives.

You were to last into our old age.

We were to grow old together.

You and us - both greying together.

To grow happily into old age.

Now you are gone.

It happened so fast. Within two days of knowing

you were ill, you were gone. The treatments didn't work.

The doctor was visited.

The medicines were given,

You were gone so fast my darling,

we didn't have time to worry to wait...

you were so healthy and vibrant and now

in the blink of an eye you are gone.

Eight years has gone by so fast.

We wanted more together.

More time to laugh at your antics.

To watch you do all the cleaver things you did.

...climbing ladders

...pulling down my flower vases to see the water fall

(how I didn't like that one).

...watching as Kaarlo would fix things and even helping!

I was even trrying to get you to paint.

I knew you could with

little paw prints full of water paints on paper.

You tried a little.

We just needed to practice more.

We needed more time with you, my dear.

I can picture you so easily in my mind's eye.

Sitting on the table out back.

Handsome and sturdy, stockily built.

Your gorgeous Persian face and

bright yellow eyes.

By seven you had one white wisker.

I remember I cut it off once, so you would be symmetrical.

By eight you had two of them and you were.

We were goint to grow old together.

Today we had to bury you.

Just behind the St.Fransis of Assisi statue.

We cried as you were placed there.

We covered you up and put rocks on top.

There your body will lay next to our little cria, Tootsie.

We know in our heart of hearts that

you are not really there.

Just your earthly body, that had failed.

You are now in heaven with the creator God

who has created all things.

You are now up there happy and healthy and playing...

Jumping in the tall grasses with flowers (perhaps lillies or loosestrife),

chasing frogs and crickets.

Having a wonderful time.

You are there with Tootsie, who has grown so big now.

Her black mahogany hair must be long and silky.

You are there with all the other kittens we have lost over the years.

You are there with my son who I lost so many years ago.

Heaven will be a grand place when we come.

We have made our home up there.

It is already filled with loved ones.

Heaven is forever.

This is our eternal home.

Soon we will see you there, my darling Chester.

Soon we will all be home together.

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