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Raising Chickens from home.

All chickens need the following to be successful, happy, and healthy.

  1. Be sure that whatever area you do provide for your flock, you also provide plenty of safety. A fence is ideal for safety, allows for your flock to roam free but also still keeps them safe from predators. For ideas, tips, and tricks to keeping your flock safe, visit our website today.
  2. It comes as no surprise that a proper diet is needed. In order to keep your flock happy and successful, they must first be healthy. Check with local vets or feed stores to figure out what is the best food for your flock
  3. If you have decided to raise your flock for their eggs, be sure to provide them adequate space to nest in. Also be sure to provide plenty of materials for your chickens to use to create their own nest. A flock should have a home to retire to, such as a well built chicken coop.
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