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10 Top Tips For Raising Chickens

1 – Choose the best chicken coop or house for your space. If you have a smaller space you’ll want to be sure you have a coop that can comfortably fit in that area. In addition, do not overstuff your coop, make sure you consider how much space each chicken comfortably needs in order to avoid stuffing them too close together.

2 – Create a safe area for your chickens. Enclose their area to protect against outside predators.

3 – Provide ample space for chickens to roam. Chickens cooped up in one small area will be stressed and unhappy.

4 – Pick the best possible food for your chickens. There are many organic food options available which provide your flock with the best nutrients and do not contain nasty pesticides or chemicals found in cheaper alternatives.

5 – Provide plenty of attention to your flock. Many may think that chickens do not need attention, when in fact chickens thrive when given ample attention and love. Although other responsibilities may cut into the amount of time available, just be sure to provide some form of attention to your chickens.

6 – Pay attention to details. Chickens need to be checked in on regularly to ensure their health and happiness. If your chickens begin to act funny, check into it to solve the problem. It could be as simple as the neighborhood cat pestering them, or it could be more serious.

7 – Be aware of other family pets. Many owners do not realize that Buddy, or Rex, the family dog, may be a hunting breed. Make sure that all your pets get along, otherwise you might wind up with a mess on your hands.

8 – Watch out for your garden. If you like growing your garden be ready to lose some petals if your flock is beside it. Many chickens like to nibble on fresh grown vegetables or flowers. But just as much as they enjoy to munch, they can also be harmed by any pesticides used on your garden. Be aware of your chickens love of food when you take care of your garden, and steer clear of chemicals that could potentially be harmful.

9 – Be careful with young children. Young children are naturally curious, but many chickens can cause problems with young children. Chickens often carry pests that can be harmful to children or babies. That being said, when using caution and safety practices, raising chickens can be a fun and exciting task for young children.

10 – Make sure your chickens are happy. There are many small things you can do for your flock to ensure their happiness. Simple steps as easy as giving your flock a treat now and then can make it or break it for your flock. Even just showing your flock love and attention can be a special treat.


Suzie O’Connor is the owner of ChickenHousesPlus.com which carries a variety of fertile chicken eggs for hatching in incubators. This site also has extensive library to help teachers with their Science Fair Project and customers raise happy, healthy chickens.  The company is located in sunny Florida and can be reached at 888-595-5906.


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