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Fun Activities to Do with Children in the Winter

Warm and Toasty Fireplace

Let your kids add some warmth to any room in the house with this fun craft idea. You will need a brown paper bag, some colored construction paper, scissors, glue, some tiny twigs and crayons or markers. Cut a piece of brown construction paper in the shape of a large rectangle. Cut some orange, red and yellow paper in the shape of flames; then cut a small square of black construction paper.

Glue the brown rectangle on the front of the paper bag, near the bottom. Then glue the black square onto the front of the brown rectangle. This is the opening of the fireplace. Now glue the flames onto the black square. Carefully glue a few tiny twigs at the base of the flames for a more whimsical appearance. You now have a toasty fire in the fireplace.

You can add some cotton stuffing or a small piece of Styrofoam to the inside bottom of the bag to help keep it upright. Then fold the top of the bag down and glue it in place. Add some ribbons or bows for trim. These add a charming touch to your home, and your kids will be so glad you are using them for decorations.

Hatching Chicken Eggs in an Incubator

Could anything be more adorable than a newborn chick? Your kids will be excited as they keep a watchful eye on the eggs. Chicken eggs need only 3 weeks to hatch and this activity will keep children of all ages happily occupied until the "great event" occurs. Not only is hatching chicken eggs in an incubator a child friendly activity it is a wonderful way to teach them about nature, animals and responsibility.

Crystals for the Holidays

This is a winter time activity that is sure to be fun for your children, but you do need to supervise the process. Creating crystals is easier than you might think.


3-4 charcoal briquettes, use the inexpensive variety

A disposable aluminum pan with a flat base

¼ cup each of water, salt and liquid bluing

1 tablespoon of plain household ammonia

Food coloring


Place the briquettes in the pan.

Add the other ingredients together (except for the food coloring).

Pour the mixture over the briquettes.

Add a couple of drops of food color to the solution if you wish.

Place the pan in an area of the room where it can sit undisturbed. If you have younger children or pets you will need to put the pan where they can not reach it.

The crystals will begin to grow over a short period of time.

The Shrinking Shapes

For this winter fun kid activity you will need some of the Styrofoam bottoms used for veggies or meats. Make sure they are washed and cleaned before using them. Let your kids draw designs and shapes on the trays and then cut them out. You need to punch holes in these shapes if you plan to use them for decorations or jewelry.

Place the Styrofoam shapes in a single layer on a plain cookie sheet. Preheat the oven to 350F. When the oven is ready you can place the cookie sheet inside on the middle rack. It only takes a few minutes for the heat to shrink the Styrofoam. Kids love to watch the action through the glass in the front of the oven. You can even turn on the oven light to give them a better view.

Suzie O’Connor is the owner of ChickenHousesPlus.com which carries a variety of fertile chicken eggs for hatching. This site also has extensive library to help customers raise happy, healthy chickens.  The company is located in sunny Florida and can be reached at 866/579-1347.


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