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We are still shipping Day Old Chicks - Layers by Spring Time

We still have day old Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshire Reds chicks for sale.  Order your chicks today and have fresh eggs by this spring.  

Anyone looking to do a fun and easy science fair project?  We have the perfect project for you - Hatching chicken eggs - we have all your supplies that you would need for your project.  Visit our website for more details.

We will be launching our new Chicken Coop Plans in the next couple of weeks, these coops are so cute they look like dollhouses.  Pretty neat stuff.


We all need to start growing our food, we can do this with very little space, use containers to get started with your herbs, then move to larger pots for your carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes.  It's fun and easy.  For the winter make a space for your food and in the spring replace what needs to replaced and give new soil to what need new soil.  And use Chicken Manure for your fertilizer it's the best but make sure you mix it well with your soil or you will burn your new plants.

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