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FREE FERTILE EGGS with Incubator Purchase - Great Science Fair Project

For a limited time we are offering FREE fertile chicken eggs with the purchase of our mini chicken, quail or duck incubator.  This incubator is inexpensive and perfect for the home or classroom.  We also carry the candling lite, 4H poultry helper guide, brooder box with waterer, feeder and heating lamp.  Visit our site at www.chickenhousesplus.com.

 We carry Hova Bator and Brinsea Chicken Egg or Reptile Incubators

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Chicken Egg Hatchability Problems Part II

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Chicken Egg Hatchability Problems Part I

There are a number of problems that can arise for the hatch ability of eggs, though they will typically be problems with the hatchery, the handling of the eggs, or the breeder flock. Identifying these problems quickly is essential, and requires the cooperation of hatchery, egg handling, and breeder farm personnel. When working to identify the hatch ability problems that may be occurring, detailed and accurate records are essential  [Read More]


No matter if you buy your baby chickens, hatch them from eggs at home via an incubator or brooding hens, they do require some essentials. Food, Water and proper housing.   [Read More]

New Hampshire Day Old Chicks for Sale + Free Shipping within USA

New Hampshire Reds were actually developed in the state of New Hampshire around the year 1915 using Rhode Island Reds as the foundation stock. They were once the leading breed used for the production of brown eggs and meat.  [Read More]

We are still shipping Day Old Chicks - Layers by Spring Time

Day Old Chicks for sale - we ship all through USA.  Place your order now and have fresh eggs by "Spring"

Don't know what to do for your science fair project?  Hatch Chicken Eggs - we have a complete supply kit to get you started on your project.  Visit our website for more details.

We all need to start growing our food, we can do this with very little space, use containers to get started with your herbs, then move to larger pots for your carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes.  It's fun and easy. 


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Fun Activities to Do with Children in the Winter

Fun for kids in winter can include many different types of activities. Your children may prefer crafts or sports, but it is a good idea to try and include a variety of projects. This will lessen the chance of boredom, and it will give them the opportunity to try their hand at new ideas. Here are some great suggestions for winter time fun.  [Read More]

We have Fertile Chicken Eggs Rhode Island Reds mixed with New Hampshire Reds for Sale

If you want a fun, gratifying experience try hatching fertilized chicken eggs. To take most of the guesswork out of the mix, do incubation hatching, which provides the fertilized chicken eggs with the perfect humidity and temperature. An automatic rotator makes sure that the fertile chicken eggs get the right quantity of heat all the way around, this can be the greatest challenge to hatching this type of eggs.

Just set the temperature to the setting usually to optimum, then the incubator fan moves the air through the incubator, and creates an uniform heat. Make sure to follow the directions the manufacturer gives you because the wrong humidity levels or the wrong temperature can bring about bad results. A high quality incubator will be able to manage these very crucial settings electronically and economically.

Make sure the incubator has a good outlet to plug into, so that the power stays on all during the hatching process. Double check the plug and make sure it fits nice a tight so there is no possibility of disconnecting. The incubator should be placed in an area where the temperature stays constant. Don't set it by a window or a heat source where it can get too hot, it might kill the chicks. There should only be about a one degree variation off the desired setting.

The fertilized chicken eggs should only take around 21 days to do their hatching and when it come to the ending 3 days increase the humidity to 65%.

As you see the baby chicks all healthy busting through their shells, it will make you understand how vital a role the incubator has in the hatching of fertilized chicken eggs.


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How to raise chickens in the city

Tips on how to raise chickens in the city.   [Read More]

The Benefits of Growing your Own Food in your Backyard

Whether you are looking for a way to save money, be healthier, prepare for tough economical times, or simply have better tasting food, growing your own food in your backyard is a wonderful idea. There are just so many things that you could be growing on your own. You will save an incredible amount of money and you will also find that your food will taste a lot better. Since you are growing the food yourself you know that you are safe from pesticides and other harmful chemicals that are often used on larger commercial farms.

Another important thing to look into is that of raising your own chickens. There are wonderful benefits that come from raising your own chickens. You can have fresh eggs from the laying hens and meat when the time is appropriate. Your organic chickens will provide you will a lot of nutrition and protein. Since you will have so many chickens running around, it is important to make sure that you are giving them proper shelter in order to lay their eggs.

It is also important to make sure that you are feeding your chickens only the best and the healthiest food that you can find. After all, you will be eating their eggs and their meat so it is important to make sure that only things you would feel safe eating are given to the hens to eat. A great way to go about this is to dedicate a section of your garden to foods that will be for the chickens to eat. This will be your chicken garden.

The chicken garden will supply your chickens with all of the nutrients they need in order to produce high quality eggs and to be truly delicious and healthy to eat later on. In a matter of no time at all you will have yourself an array of food to pick from. If things ever get rough and you do not have much else to count on, you will at least know that you have eggs, meat, and vegetables from your garden to live off of. And the food from your chicken garden will be the food you use to help feed the chickens so you will not have to worry about spending an overload of money on feeding the chickens.

Make your garden as small or large as you would like. Just make sure that you are placing the garden a good bit away from your organic chickens or you may find them snacking on the plants that you would rather keep for your own food. You also want to make sure that you are planting your chicken garden where there is fresh soil and where there is room to expand. Even if you feel as though you will never want a larger garden, you really need to make sure that you are giving yourself the option should it ever come to that point.

Within no time at all you will be proud to say that you are truly self sufficient now. You will have everything you need in case of rough times and you are prepared for anything now.

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