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If you want a fun, gratifying experience try hatching fertilized chicken eggs. To take most of the guesswork out of the mix, do incubation hatching, which provides the fertilized chicken eggs with the perfect humidity and temperature. An automatic rotator makes sure that the fertile chicken eggs get the right quantity of heat all the way around, this can be the greatest challenge to hatching this type of eggs.

Just set the temperature to the setting usually to optimum, then the incubator fan moves the air through the incubator, and creates an uniform heat. Make sure to follow the directions the manufacturer gives you because the wrong humidity levels or the wrong temperature can bring about bad results. A high quality incubator will be able to manage these very crucial settings electronically and economically.

Make sure the incubator has a good outlet to plug into, so that the power stays on all during the hatching process. Double check the plug and make sure it fits nice a tight so there is no possibility of disconnecting. The incubator should be placed in an area where the temperature stays constant. Don't set it by a window or a heat source where it can get too hot, it might kill the chicks. There should only be about a one degree variation off the desired setting.

The fertilized chicken eggs should only take around 21 days to do their hatching and when it come to the ending 3 days increase the humidity to 65%.

As you see the baby chicks all healthy busting through their shells, it will make you understand how vital a role the incubator has in the hatching of fertilized chicken eggs.


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