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Amish Built Chicken Coops Now Available From ChickenHousesPlus.com

Amish Chicken Coops

Amish crafted chicken coops start as low as $375 and may be shipped directly to your home.  Adorable chicken house designs include the “Little Red Hen House”, 4 x 4 Chicken Coop that may be customized to match your house or barn and is perfect for any backyard, a Barn inspired chicken coop for larger flocks and so much more.  Pricing includes delivery to your house.

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Facts about Fertilized Chicken Eggs

Humans have been eating eggs from birds since prehistoric times. Plenty of birds and animals lay eggs, and people consume them as well, but chicken eggs are without a doubt the most common and most popular. Statistics have shown that six billion eggs are consumed annually-and that’s just in the United States!

Since eggs are such a well-loved kind of food, it is no wonder people express some concern about the kind of egg they are eating. One of these concerns is whether the eggs they got from the supermarket are fertilized chicken eggs or not. But wait, aren’t all eggs supposed to be fertilized in the first place? This article aims to clarify just that.

Chick Brooder

It is a known fact that hens lay eggs. However, what is not very well known is that hens can lay eggs with or without the presence of a rooster. For the eggs to be fertilized, the hen and rooster must mate first, and this process must occur prior to the formation of the egg. Thus, if the hen has mated and she lays an egg, then that egg is fertilized. If the hen has not mated and she lays an egg, then that egg is unfertilized. Note, however, that the embryo of a fertilized egg does not undergo any change or development once it is placed inside the fridge. It has also been said that a hen lays fertilized eggs for a week if it has mated even once.

You can tell fertilized chicken eggs apart from unfertilized ones by candling eggs. This is a process traditionally used by farmers. In this process, hold the egg up to the candlelight so you can point out the blood spots and embryo. You will notice some eggs may appear opaque. These opaque eggs are the fertilized ones. Nowadays, you can find lights made specifically for candling eggs, but you may use the candlelight if you wish to do so.

If you crack the egg open, you can also see some differences between fertilized and unfertilized eggs. You can see the white circle present in the egg yolk is more defined in fertilized chicken eggs than in their unfertilized counterparts. You can also see small red lines running along the surface of the egg yolk. People commonly mistake the chalazae, a white stringy material found inside the egg, to be the embryo, but this is not so. The chalazae functions as a sort of barrier to prevent eggs from breaking. It is also found in all eggs.

One question floating among avid egg-eaters is if fertilized eggs are safe for consumption. The answer is yes. It is perfectly okay to eat fertilized eggs. Also, as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, once the fertilized egg is stored inside the fridge, the embryo no longer undergoes any change or development. Rest assured that you can eat your fertilized chicken eggs just fine like the unfertilized ones.

As for its nutritional value, the issue whether fertile chicken eggs are healthier than unfertilized eggs remains up to this day a highly debatable one. If you want to get the most of the egg’s nutrients, go for the freshest eggs available. The longer eggs are kept, the more their protein content gets lost. Like they say, fresh is often best.


Custom Made Chicken Houses and Chicken Coop - Made in the USA

When it comes to keeping chickens at your home, you need to make sure that you are providing them with the right kinds of housing for them to be safe and comfortable. To get all of fresh eggs that you want, you will want to make sure that you are investing a little time and money into a high quality homemade chicken coop or a backyard chicken coop that you found a great deal on. The best way to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want is to go with the custom-made chicken houses. Although this would seem like a lot of work to be done on your part, these coops will come fully assembled.

The fully assembled custom made chicken coops is the way to go when you have found yourself at a point in life that you no longer want to figure out how to assemble everything on your own. Another great thing about the backyard chicken coop is that they blend in with the background so they will not be an eye sore to deal with. Also, they are made in the USA, which means jobs stay in the country. And since it is USA made, you can count on the chicken coop to be made with high quality wood that will last for many years to come.

If you are wondering which specific design or model is best for you there are a few options. For those on a limited budget there is the Custom Made A Frame Free Range Coop that comes completely assembled for you. It is made of white pine and galvanized wire, which makes this a great choice for those who want something sturdy. Being it is so light, it is portable which means you are able to move it around the yard or fenced in area as often as you want or need to. The coop is 61 inches long, 24 inches wide and 24 inches high.

For someone with a little more money to spend and who wants to have anywhere from twelve to fifteen hens, the Homemade Chicken Coop House – Large 4’ x 6’ is the perfect option. With six nest boxes, slider windows with screen, an asphalt shingled roof, and pressure treated wood base and legs this is the coop that will give you and your hens everything that is needed.

The Chicken House with Free Range Run is perfect for those who need about four nesting boxes. This is a chicken coop that is made of sturdy wood, tightly spun screws, and galvanized wire; it is a deal that just cannot be passed up on. There is no assembly required, as it will be delivered to your home all set and ready to go. The house itself is 59 inches wide, 41 inches long and 35 inches high. The total length for the chicken coop and the run together is 59 inches wide, 99 inches long and 35 inches high.

With so many choices out there, it will be hard to say that there is not something perfect for you and your needs. Order your USA made backyard chicken coop today so that you can soon enjoy fresh eggs.


New Hampshire Day Old Chicks for Sale + Free Shipping within USA

New Hampshire Reds were actually developed in the state of New Hampshire around the year 1915 using Rhode Island Reds as the foundation stock. They were once the leading breed used for the production of brown eggs and meat.  [Read More]

Custom Made Chicken Houses and Chicken Coop - Made in the USA

When it comes to keeping chickens at your home, you need to make sure that you are providing them with the right kinds of housing for them to be safe and comfortable.  [Read More]

How to raise chickens in the city

Tips on how to raise chickens in the city.   [Read More]

The Benefits of Growing your Own Food in your Backyard

Whether you are looking for a way to save money, be healthier, prepare for tough economical times, or simply have better tasting food, growing your own food in your backyard is a wonderful idea. There are just so many things that you could be growing on your own. You will save an incredible amount of money and you will also find that your food will taste a lot better. Since you are growing the food yourself you know that you are safe from pesticides and other harmful chemicals that are often used on larger commercial farms.

Another important thing to look into is that of raising your own chickens. There are wonderful benefits that come from raising your own chickens. You can have fresh eggs from the laying hens and meat when the time is appropriate. Your organic chickens will provide you will a lot of nutrition and protein. Since you will have so many chickens running around, it is important to make sure that you are giving them proper shelter in order to lay their eggs.

It is also important to make sure that you are feeding your chickens only the best and the healthiest food that you can find. After all, you will be eating their eggs and their meat so it is important to make sure that only things you would feel safe eating are given to the hens to eat. A great way to go about this is to dedicate a section of your garden to foods that will be for the chickens to eat. This will be your chicken garden.

The chicken garden will supply your chickens with all of the nutrients they need in order to produce high quality eggs and to be truly delicious and healthy to eat later on. In a matter of no time at all you will have yourself an array of food to pick from. If things ever get rough and you do not have much else to count on, you will at least know that you have eggs, meat, and vegetables from your garden to live off of. And the food from your chicken garden will be the food you use to help feed the chickens so you will not have to worry about spending an overload of money on feeding the chickens.

Make your garden as small or large as you would like. Just make sure that you are placing the garden a good bit away from your organic chickens or you may find them snacking on the plants that you would rather keep for your own food. You also want to make sure that you are planting your chicken garden where there is fresh soil and where there is room to expand. Even if you feel as though you will never want a larger garden, you really need to make sure that you are giving yourself the option should it ever come to that point.

Within no time at all you will be proud to say that you are truly self sufficient now. You will have everything you need in case of rough times and you are prepared for anything now.

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