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We are still shipping Day Old Chicks - Layers by Spring Time

Day Old Chicks for sale - we ship all through USA.  Place your order now and have fresh eggs by "Spring"

Don't know what to do for your science fair project?  Hatch Chicken Eggs - we have a complete supply kit to get you started on your project.  Visit our website for more details.

We all need to start growing our food, we can do this with very little space, use containers to get started with your herbs, then move to larger pots for your carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes.  It's fun and easy. 


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Fun Activities to Do with Children in the Winter

Fun for kids in winter can include many different types of activities. Your children may prefer crafts or sports, but it is a good idea to try and include a variety of projects. This will lessen the chance of boredom, and it will give them the opportunity to try their hand at new ideas. Here are some great suggestions for winter time fun.  [Read More]
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