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Just in case you haven’t spent the last two weeks “under the Texas sun”, I thought that I would share with you that fall is on its way.  During August, our days were hot, hot, hot and sticky humid.  Now we are transitioning into shorter days, the sun is rising later and later.  There is a beautiful cool wind from the South, and the cloud cover is wonderful. 

The animals are moving just a little more and so am I.  Looking forward to the bounty of fall, watching my crops and my children grow while hoping for less weeding and more harvesting. 

Yesterday, my 9 year old brought me a doll that we bought while visiting a friend in Peru.  The dress was coming apart at the waist.   “Mom, can you sew my doll?”.  I asked her if she remembered where we got the doll.  She replayed back to me the train ride, the sidewalk, the lady that we bought it from, what she was wearing, and what we did following.  I was shocked.  

The doll is now 6 years old and still beautiful.  As I sewed it together, I thought of the care that went into making it and how beautiful it still was.  My mind wandered as I thought about the lady we bought it from, what her life is like now, is she still making dolls?  I wish that she could know how Emelie cares for her creation and the impact that she had on my little girl. 

Long story short, how we spend our days makes a difference in the lives of those around us.  I hope to know that my work brings beauty and variety to the tables of my family and community.     

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