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Jay and I decided not to go to Louisiana this Thanksgiving.  Lots of reasons why, but I am happy for this choice.  We spent the time at home in very productive ways.  We finished all of the winter homes for our animals and spent real quality time with our family and some dear friends.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner sourced from our farm and a beautiful TX wine.


I am so happy to finish our animal shelters because we had our first frost this morning.  All of the basil is now gone, but the chickens, the goats, and the rabbits were happy.  We started the fence on the Dannhaus side of our property only to realize that we need a new drill bit for our auger.   There is always something – thus the name of our farm – All We Need can be taken two ways. 


Today we did horse judging in the morning, Santa pictures in the afternoon, feels like a holiday, rested and full.  Now is time for a fire and Thanksgiving leftovers. 


We are so thankful-thankful for our family and our farm, the stars in the night sky, our incredible vegetables, our animals (even big bad Ben), and the firewood that my father chopped all summer.  We are thankful for our customers and CSA members who support our family and for this holiday that allows us to reflect, even if just for a moment, about this beautiful life that we share. 


I would like to remember a Jessie Clare quote, “God is good, all the time”.


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