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What to do with so much Mustard Greens?

·       Jambalaya with mustard


·       Mustard and white bean soup


·       Mustard in scrambled eggs


·       Mustard on the side of fried eggs


·       Mustard in a pasta cream sauce with other seasonal veggies.


·       Mustard wraps


·       Plain ole’ mustard greens and bacon




Okra, Peach, Pepper Salad

Made this on a whim this morning and had it with a fried egg.  Talk about good.  No leftovers...

Enough for one large serving or two small...

  1. 6 medium okra fingers
  2. 1 summer peach
  3. 1 large banana pepper

Chop okra and pepper finely.  Cut the peach into bite size peices with the skin on.  Toss and splash with apple cinder vinegar.  Not too much.  Eat fast or the okra will slime.



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