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Spruce Pine, NC Farmers' Market this Wednesday

We had perfect weather at the market today!  It has been rainy for the past few weeks. We are seeing the last of the tomatoes, corn and berries.  Vendors had leeks, onions, pepper, salad mix greens, herbs (and herb teas as well!), LOTS of baked items, pumpkins, potatoes (irish and sweet), eggs, cheese, lots of crafts showing up now!  We had corn husk dolls, sorghum and broom corn seed heads.
If you're not able to visit with us at our market...please, go out and visit your local Farmers''ll be glad you did!




Spruce Pine, NC Farmers' Market this Wednesday

This week at the market was very wet!  There was still a good turn-out of customers.
More fall crops coming in!  We had Jerusalem Artichokes and their beautiful bright flowers for cut bouquets.  Our Shiitake Mushrooms are finally coming in...we have the fall variety.  We had more Sugar Pie pumpkins, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and blueberries.
Other vendors still had corn, eggplant, garlic, pepper.  Leeks coming in.
Besides the wonderful vegetables there were the canned foods and bakes items.
There are many talented craftsmen in our area and they come out with their crafts.  Christmas is coming soon so, everyone think "Local" when you buy gifts and support your local crafts...or better yet make your own!!
We will soon be offering natural non-cosmetic grade mica (from our farm) for sale in our Local Harvest store.  This is great as an additive for soaps.


Spruce Pine, NC Farmers' Market this Wednesday

Today, at the market, the vendors opened a little early in order for people out for lunch to be able to visit the market in one trip.  Some of us were there between 1:00-1:30 p.m and stayed open until 5:30 p.m.
Tomatoes are finally on the list of produce available.  Some farmers are finding that the tomatoe crop is a little slower to ripen...probably the rain we've been having .  And with this is also the threat of a late blight which seems to be affecting farmers...mostly seen in the organic grown.
Corn is finally coming in as well.
There's a lot of choices here at the market and friendly, come by to see us.
We look to be open, at least, until the last of October.



Spruce Pine, NC Farmers' Market this Wednesday

There were quite a few vendors and shoppers out today at the Market even though it was a bit wet.
The vendors have quite a variety for a small market.  There was cabbage, chard, kale, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, squash, beans, cuccumbers, blackberries, herbs and mints, cut flowers, homemade goats' milk soap, eggs, baked goods, canned goods, orders for organic poultry, pastured beef, goat cheese, crafts, blacksmith items, stone carver displaying her work and more.
If you're in the area stop by the Farmers' Market on Wednesdays from 2:30-5:30...some vendors set up before this time. 
Spruce Pine is home to the Gem and Mineral Festival which will be taking place the first week in August and Burnsville (Yancey Co.) is having the Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair this weekend.
Everyone Welcome!


Bakersville, NC Farmers' Market


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Spruce Pine, NC Farmers' Market this Wednesday

This week at the Spruce Pine, NC Farmers' Market was a good turn-out of both vendors and customers.  A mix of local and visiting customers.  Produce available at the Market this week was; chard, cabbage, squash, herbs (fresh), garlic, onions, potatoes (Irish), green beans, beets and beet top greens, romaine lettuce, chives.  Also, available at the Market were eggs, canned goods, fresh baked goods, crafts and novelty items and goats' milk soap.

If you're in the neighborhood (Spruce Pine, NC) next Wednesday around 2:30-5:30 p.m. come by and say "Hello"!

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