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Falls' Harvest has begun

It seems as though summer and it's bounty is slipping away only to be followed by the Fall Harvest.  It is sad to see one season pass but at the same time it is very exciting to see what the next season will bring!
Today we started collecting our pumpkins from the patch.  We can't leave them any longer...the worms and bugs have found them!  So, we will put them in the dry until they are sold at the market or we make wonderful pies from them (or both).  We had some heavy wind and rain that took down some of the cornfield (dent) corn and to save it from ruin we gathered the corn, pulled the husks back, tied ears of corn together and hung them up in rafters to dry.  We had Green Oxacana and Bloody Butcher...beautiful colors.  We hope to grind some for meal and sell some for decoration.  We'll also be offering some in the store for sale.  Some of our sugar cane (sorghum) got blown down as well...we'll take the seed heads of those and dry as well.  We try to use, as much as possible, all the earth provides us with.  We are making corn husk dolls...should be in the store soon.  We also have mixed color broom corn which we will have seeds to sell, beautiful seed head tassles to sell to make arrangements or use for seed and we'll also have swags in the store soon as well. 
It's almost time to get ready to make molasses!


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