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Maple/Birch Tapping

We have been doing workshops here on the farm showing how simple it is to tap maple and birch for your own use...doesn't have to be a large "sugar bush". We show how you can take simple household items for the processing and not have to put money into the project. We show how to make natural spiles or taps from sumac. We had a small flow back in Dec. but it stopped when the weather got too warm. We now have a flow since the sap is now moving up because of Spring. We don't like to tap this late here in the mountains but, we'll probably tap for about a week then stop. Don't want to take too much from the trees and cause harm...always respect nature and it will return the favor!
We have an e-book available here in our localharvest store ($4.99) which contains some of our handouts from our workshops. We include the one for the Maple Tapping.

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