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Remember Earth Day-Take one day to reverance our Earth

Let's all take one day at least to honor and reverance our Earth.

As farmers, we know we have to show the Earth respect!  

Try to do one kind act FOR our earth...maybe we could take one day to actually see how much we waste and throw away and take the rest of our days putting that right.  We have become a disposable world.  Years ago people would "hoard' or save back items they could use as to be saving.  But anymore "keeping" things until it's needed has become a terrible thing to do.  Well, I believe, waste is a terrible thing...and it's showing in our Earth, our creatures and most of all our people.
"Plastics" are one of the most environmentally damaging things we can dispose of...because it's never disposed of!  You hear awful stories of the breakdown of plastics  causing gender mutations in frogs and fish but, worse still is that a lot of people don't realize what harm plastics can do to humans!
NEVER heat or re-heat foods in plastic...heating plastic causes it to breakdown into a hormone-like similar to estrogen.  If you have to use plastic; use it sensibly and dispose of it sensibly...recycle or re-use.  There are many ways to recycle or re-use plastics.  Items like large coffee canisters are great to use as "Kitchen Compost" containers, they're also great for covering over tomato plants or other plants you may have out when the weather man is calling for low night temps.  Deli containers are great to use as mini-greenhouses as are yogurt containers with clear lids.  Mayonnaise jars are great for storing saved seeds.  Other containers with lids like side dishes and cool whip...these are great for organizing craft items, buttons, etc.  These are some simple ideas my mom taught me years ago because of the necessity of it's a necessity of health.
I am a breast cancer survivor so, I know first hand the weight of the issues of environmental toxins, agricultural pesticides/herbicides and other chemicals.  That's one of the reasons why we strive to bring chemical-free products to our customers.
So, this Earth Day, think about what the rest of your life means to you!

Wishing everyone wellness!



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