The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms

  (Burnsville, North Carolina)
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Flower Essence Jellies and Fresh ground cornmeal ready for gift giving!

We have flower essence jellies available just in time for gift giving.  These come in 4oz. or 8oz.  The varieties available now are:  Nasturtium, Yucca, Burgundy Okra and Sumac-ade jellies.  We also have the traditional jellies:  Blackberry and Blueberry.  All jellies and jams are "from the farm".  Our products are naturally grown where chemicals are never used!

We are also offering Heirloom Bloody Butcher Cornmeal.  We grow the corn, air dry and hand-shell.  We then, take the corn to a certified kitchen facility and grind the corn on our mill.  We then package in Certified Biodegradable/Compostable bags.

Check out our listing and our store...Happy Holidays from The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms



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