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Flower Essence Jellies and Fresh ground cornmeal ready for gift giving!

We have flower essence jellies available just in time for gift giving.  These come in 4oz. or 8oz.  The varieties available now are:  Nasturtium, Yucca, Burgundy Okra and Sumac-ade jellies.  We also have the traditional jellies:  Blackberry and Blueberry.  All jellies and jams are "from the farm".  Our products are naturally grown where chemicals are never used!

We are also offering Heirloom Bloody Butcher Cornmeal.  We grow the corn, air dry and hand-shell.  We then, take the corn to a certified kitchen facility and grind the corn on our mill.  We then package in Certified Biodegradable/Compostable bags.

Check out our listing and our store...Happy Holidays from The Mushroom Hut @ Fox Farms




Shiitake Mushroom Harvest

Shiitake Mushrooms now fruiting!  We have the cooler strain of shiitake and do not force our mushrooms...we allow them to fruit when it is their time.  We deliver locally.  They are $8.00/lb.  See our listing for a photo.  Call or e-mail for more information or other questions. 

Spruce Pine, NC Farmers' Market this Wednesday

Last weeks' market showed a sign of fall.  Root crops such as irish potatoes, sweet potatoes and turnips were at the market.  We had pumpkins...the Sugar Pie pumpkins are in and they make wonderful pies.  The roasted seeds are delicious too!  We'll have the Snack Jacks' for next Wednesdays' market.  The Jerusalem Artichokes are looking good too.
Tomatoes are about over for most of the farmers' around here...the late blight hit hard.  It also hit our cantaloupes...hope to salvage some though!
We have fresh corn leaves for wraps and hope to have banana leaves for next Wednesdays' market.
Just gathered some green Oxacana "dent" corn and broom corn to dry for Falls' decorating time.  We'll be making swags and brooms from the broom corn and will have those in the store to sell.  Will gather the Bloody Butchers' corn to dry some next week.  We hope to leave some in the field to dry naturally to use for grinding and making into breads.


Spruce Pine, NC Farmers' Market this Wednesday

Today, at the market, the vendors opened a little early in order for people out for lunch to be able to visit the market in one trip.  Some of us were there between 1:00-1:30 p.m and stayed open until 5:30 p.m.
Tomatoes are finally on the list of produce available.  Some farmers are finding that the tomatoe crop is a little slower to ripen...probably the rain we've been having .  And with this is also the threat of a late blight which seems to be affecting farmers...mostly seen in the organic grown.
Corn is finally coming in as well.
There's a lot of choices here at the market and friendly, come by to see us.
We look to be open, at least, until the last of October.


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