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Utica Community Gardens 2012 Update

Utica Community Gardens 2012 Update

The DSS crew did a good job in their first foray into the Jay Street Garden. Most had little or no garden experience and their teacher was doubtful that they would have any enthusiasm. But they heard the idea that they would have free food that they otherwise could not afford at the grocery store and they began to show a spark of interest. I then showed them how easily the dandelion greens and roots were to dig out of the beds. They were surprised. Everybody knows how impossible dandelions are to pull up, but not in that fabulous soil. I then explained how healthful they are to eat as greens and as tea. One of the new gardeners added that her mother always ate the greens and made tea from the roots for her arthritis and everyone was suddenly shifted. I pulled out bags from the shed to put their greens in and explained how to prepare the tea and the greens. They spent several hours there and are excited about being able to improve their families’ diets for no cost. This is what the Community Gardens are all about!

Linwood Place Garden - Hilde Holds it Down

Farmer Nate Sterling and Lead Gardener Hilde Lowenstein have been hard at work in the 1st of the Gardens at Linwood Place. Much has been planted and most survived the onslaught of cold weather after the heat of mid-March. Plans are underway to replace the water tank on a new,  improved and higher mound so that when the season really takes off our gravity feed water supply will be more effective.

Noyes Street Garden - Veterans Garden

Talks are underway to designate the largest Community Garden to the use of Veterans and their families. Mark Smith of Feed Our Vets recently toured the grounds and agreed that it would be ideal to invite Vets to participate and improve their diets. Noyes Street Garden will shrink due to an adjoining neighbor purchasing several lots. Feed Our Vets will assist the process by organizing work crews to remove, replace and rebuild the beds a bit more to the east before fencing is built. Stay tuned.

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