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Planting Time is here! What fruits & vegtables to you like the most?

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Winter coming...

Nov 1, 2011

With winter coming on we will still do what growing we can. We still have a few carrots in the ground and the Swiss Chard after being divided is coming on strong. The rhubarb has done well all the year and needs to be divided (again).

A few weeks ago we put in more carrots, lettuce, mustard, kale, parsnips, lots of salad items for winter.

The potatoes we pulled this year have been WONDERFUL waxy reds with a buttery yellow interior that fry up super and hold their shape without falling apart or getting mushy. Russet Bakers, and a white fingerling all delicious. More are planned for 2012.

We still have the sweetest zucchini plant producing that I have ever tasted. It is climbing up the garden bed hoops to get it out of the be and off the walk paths and as of today, Nov 1 is still covered in baby sized zucchinis.

The Pablano peppers are finally turning red and will be harvested soon for drying and canning. I can them with carrots in a bread and butter pickle brine that makes them a wonderful addition to a summer BBQ table.

We would like to welcome the newest edition to the farm, Pearl, a 5 year old Jersey dairy cow due to freshen soon. She will enable us to raise grass fed beef, hogs, and chickens for eggs. We have intended chickens for the orchard for so long now. It will be a pleasure to finally have them.



Planting time is here! What are your favorite fruits & vegetables?

The garden is just starting to wake up and the stone fruit trees are just starting to bloom (the cherries are thinking about it). It will be a little time yet before we have much for the public. The overwintered swiss chard is starting to add new leaves. I will post more information when we have something other than compost available. Where are you located and what types of garden fruit and vegetables do you enjoy? Its not too late for us to start vegtables that others like that we dont already start for ourselves. Please feel free to let us know. Desiree
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