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Planting Time is here! What fruits & vegtables to you like the most?

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Back to growing

Hay to all who are feeling ignored. So sorry but our attention has been focused elsewhere. The garden has been started and is also running late, which is good given our most recent weather. We have had almost freezing temps yesterday and today, hail as well. It’s not too late if you have any special requests for vegetables let us know and we will see if we can get it planted for you. We will post a list of fruits and vegetables that we will have available this season.

We are primarily organic, and were ‘certified naturally grown’ 2 years ago and intend to recertify this year. We raise horses and use their composted manure. The only real insecticide we use is wormer for the horses quarterly. We have TONS of earth worms so I know we're good! :)

Anyway, your original question. Yes we are still here. Just getting the garden in and glad we are late this year.

My son is here to help now and it looks like he will be staying on so the garden will be bigger this year.

We also may have apples enough to share this fall. Cherries soon though (I hope)

Many Thanks for your interest.  Please feel free to call, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Appointments are currently necessary as we are busy and want to give you our full attention while you are here. Veggie-Box deliveries ‘might’ be available this summer.

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