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Each day we see improvements in our Handsome Rooster Foghorn.  We were very excited the day he first crowed again.  Now we celebrate each day that way.  The Vetrix graft has definately taken and we are simply waiting for the last of the healing to be done.  Then we can remove the cute little tiger print bandaging and let him get back to normal life.  We have been letting him sleep back in the Roost Room with his ladies.  He loves that.  Just can't get in and out yet, due to the restrictive bandage.

Another Happy milestone was Foggy hopping on one of his ladies for the first time in nearly 4 months.  We figure he HAS to be feeling good now.  haha

I contribute this to his good care, and the new food system we are using to feed the chickens.  Live Sprouts.

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